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Reconsidering Primary Prevention of HIV: New Steps Forward in the Global Response

October 23, 2017

ICW, INPUD, IRGT, GATE, GNP+, MSMGF, the Platform and NSWP invite you for a timely discussion about a new phase in the evolution of the HIV response – one that reinvigorates existing HIV prevention interventions with the powerful effectiveness of community action.

Gay men and other men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers, and transgender people disproportionately bear the burden of all new HIV infections due to the silence, denial, negativity, and moralism surrounding sex and drug use. In order for primary prevention to work, policy makers and donors, including governments, must shed their reluctance to openly and positively address sex and drug use in their public health discourse and responses to HIV. Further, bio-medicalized interventions need to evolve and be strategically combined with other interventions and delivered by communities for which they are intended.

Speakers will give a debrief on some of the highlights from the inaugural Global Prevention Coalition meeting that took place earlier this month and will lead a discussion on what principles and strategies are necessary to reshape a new conversation about HIV prevention.

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