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ECOM presents a training manual for studying the toolkit MSMIT

October 23, 2017

ECOM prepared a training manual for studying the toolkit “Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Men Who Have Sex with Men” (MSMIT) and offers this module for use.

MSMIT is a detailed toolkit on designing programs for the control of HIV epidemic  among MSM. It is based on WHO recommendations developed using the results of scientific research and the examples of best practices. Today MSMIT is the most modern and full toolkit which guides all international experts.

ECOM training manual helps to prepare and to hold meetings (trainings) to provide MSMIT to such groups as activists of community, experts and officials of governmental and municipal health protection institutions and experts involved in work with MSM for health protection.

The manual gives the chance to present MSMIT coherently, piece by piece, or to choose the most interesting questions and to discuss them in detail having presented the overall context of MSMIT briefly.

ECOM will introduce MSMIT to its members and partners, offering it as a tool for cooperation between the organizations of community and governments, including advocacy. ECOM will also introduce it as a frame for the planning of community organizations work on providing health services and protection of the rights for gays and others MSM trough its projects and through the small grants programme.

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