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The event to the World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims is held in Lithuania

May 17, 2018

The people willing to take a HIV test will be able to pass it for free

On May 20 at 11:00 in Vilnius a special memorial action will be held. Demetra Association encourages everyone to wear white clothes and come to the White Bridge. As part of the activity, the red ribbon as the global symbol of the fight against HIV/AIDS will be displayed, the participants will exchange stories and memories of their relatives, friends, loved ones who succumbed to AIDS, and release white balloons into the sky.

“We have been holding this action for 8 years for all those who have lost their loved ones, as well as for those who do not think that HIV can affect everyone. Now, despite the fact that free HIV treatment is available in Lithuania, free HIV testing is still a problem”, said Svetlana Kulshis, the Head of the Demetra Association. “This not only increases the HIV-associated stigma in society, the belief that this infection continues to be concentrated in certain groups in society, but also hinders access to free services for other groups that are also at risk of contracting HIV”.

The organization notes that in Lithuania this day is dedicated not only to the memories of all who died of AIDS, but also is intended to mobilize the public to raise awareness about the transmission, prevention and treatment of HIV infection.

Moreover, from 2 to 7 p.m. hours at the entrance to VCUP (from the Constitution Avenue side) everyone can anonymously take a rapid free of charge 1-minute test and learn about HIV prevention.

It’s worth mentioning that last year, in the territory of the hospital for infectious diseases and tuberculosis in Vilnius, Demetra planted a red ribbon-shaped flower bed – an international symbol of the fight against AIDS.

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