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The event is dedicated to the prevention and involvement of Ukrainians in the fight against AIDS in Ukraine.

In late May, the British musician and public figure Sir Elton John will arrive in Ukraine, where he will take part in the awareness and charity event “The Day with Elton John”. The event is organized by Olena Pinchuk Foundation with the support of the Platforma Art Factory space, Kurazh Bazaar fair, All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH and Hit-FM radio station.

On Monday, May 28 Platforma Art Factory space in Kyiv will host the Kurazh Bazaar, the agenda of which was jointly developed by Olena Pinchuk Foundation and other partners of the event. The legendary singer Elton John will be the party guest. Sir Elton will meet with Ukrainian activists and talk with HIV-positive people.

Guests of the event will be able to visit the photo exhibition to showcase the 11-year history of the joint activities of Olena Pinchuk Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The international art project created by one of the most famous contemporary artists Ai Weiwei at the request of Elton John will be presented in Kyiv once more.

The admission ticket will cost UAH 100. All funds raised from the tickets sold on this day will be invested in the implementation of the project to create an information and educational center for youth in Kyiv.

All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH will present an interactive program to include an educational lecture hall, quests, a labyrinth, testing for HIV and the like. Famous Ukrainian journalists and activists will deliver lectures on tolerance and non-discrimination, on sexual awareness and the biology of sexuality. All visitors will be offered to undergo online testing, which evaluates the risk of possible HIV exposure. Moreover, during the day, a free rapid HIV testing site will be running.

Radio station Hit FM will conduct special reports and interview the participants and guests of the event in real time from the interactive studio, which will be broadcasted throughout the Art Factory space. The musical program of the broadcast will be entirely devoted to Elton John’s works. Moreover, a special interactive campaign will be carried out by the Durex condoms brand.

The event will be the continuation of a comprehensive program and awareness campaign aimed at preventing and combating AIDS in Ukraine, which Olena Pinchuk Foundation has been implementing for more than 10 years in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation and other organizations. On the eve of the main event, on the evening of May 27, the recording of the legendary concert which Elton John gave at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv in June 2007, when he called upon all Ukrainians to “Stop AIDS together!” will be broadcasted on the main screen of the Kurazh Bazaar.

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