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Open letter to Gilead Sciences about PrEP by EATG and PrEP in Europe Initiative

April 18, 2017

Please read and share the letter signed by EATG, as Europe’s transnational HIV treatment and prevention advocacy group, and the PrEP in Europe Initiative (PEI), a partnership of European prevention and policy NGOs, requesting Gilead Sciences to make it possible for Truvada®, or for generic equivalents of the tenofovir+emtricitabine fixed-dose combination to be offered at generic prices to all European health care systems, so that they can be used as HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

EATG, PEI and our partner organisations will continue to exert pressure on national governments and advocate for healthcare systems to provide PrEP. However it is clear that most governments will only allow this to happen if PrEP is available at a greatly reduced price. In other words, PrEP will remain unavailable for the majority of people who need it in Europe as long as any way through to a price reduction remains blocked.

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