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Interactive global map of drug policy change in 2017

February 22, 2018

The repressive drug policy in many countries has become even more strict or has remained at the same level.

A lot of changes in drug policy around the world have been observed in the last year. In particular, in the United States an increase in the number of deaths related to opiate use has been reported, while the Philippines continue to apply inhuman violence against the PWID.

In many countries around the world, repressive policies have been tightening even more or have remained on the same level. Despite this, many countries have made important steps towards expanding access to harm reduction and liberalization of the cannabis policy.

TalkingDrugs has prepared a map showing countries where key changes in state drug policy occurred during 2017:

A green check mark means development of harm reduction programs, or mitigating harm from repressive drug policy. Red cross mark means deteriorating situation and strengthening repressive policies and practices in state drug policy.


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