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A new test system for detecting tuberculosis was developed in the Russian Federation

February 22, 2018

The price of this test will be about 1,000 rubles. The test is expected to get registered before the end of the year.

A new test for tuberculosis can be registered in Russia in 2018. Artyom Tkachuk, Director of the translational biomedicine laboratory of the Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Artyom Tkachuk.

The cost of this test will be about 1,000 rubles. It will use a small amount of blood, while the level of blood cell response can determine if one is infected with TB or not. At the moment we are collecting the package of documents to obtain the state registration of the product.

“Currently the high specificity tests which can distinguish between the different forms of tuberculosis: active from latent, are lacking on the market, this is a significant drawback. And now there are only a few tests available on the market, they are all on the invasive basis, that is, one actually needs to make an injection, like the Mantoux test”, Artyom Tkachuk said.
“The major problem is currently that about 30% of parents refuse from these tests, the so-called anti-vaxxers (vaccine opposition groups) are promoting their ideas actively… There is a non-injecting test in the U.S. and Canada, the so-called in vitro. It was marketed in Russia until recently, but was very expensive, about 25,000 rubles, most families can hardly afford that, especially in the regions. But recently this test lost the license, and it is not authorized for sale any more”, he told.

“Jointly with our colleagues from Omsk Medical University we developed the test which exceeds the American analogue in terms of its properties. There was a very good feedback. I hope we will get it registered by the end of this year”, told Tkachuk.


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