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Final outcome document of the Senior-Level Policy Dialogue on addressing HIV and TB challenges

June 05, 2018

Last December, Ministry of Social Affairs and National Institute for Health Development from Estonia, WHO European Region, UNAIDS and the Global Fund organised a two day meeting on challenges and opportunities in national HIV and TB programmes management.

The event was attended by 100 participants from the EU and its neighbouring countries, including senior civil servants, representatives of international organisations, various experts and civil society organisations. TB Europe Coalition was represented by TBEC Board member – Fanny Voitzwinkler (Global Health Advocates, Belgium).The participants particularly looked at integration of TB and HIV into a wider health system response and encountered challenges when transitioning from donor support to national funding. The meeting discussed concrete steps towards strengthening the national TB and HIV programmes as well as the need for more significant advances in the integration of TB and HIV services.

Photo: tbcoalition.eu

The final outcome document of the meeting has been finalised and is now publicly available. It gives concrete recommendations to all stakeholders on ensuring sustainable and responsible transition from donor to domestic funding of TB and HIV response in the European region.

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