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The Global Fund’s procurement and funding.

13 ноября, 2016


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Update on the Global Fund’s Procurement Strategy. WHO UNAIDS Annual Meeting with Pharmaceutical Stakeholders

Key outcomes

  • The long term collaborative agreements will support continuous supply through improved lead times and better delivery performance
  • Supply risks mitigated with multiple awardees per product and diversification of API sources
  • Proposals received for improvements to the supply of paediatric products
  • Cost reductions for optimal 1st & 2nd line regimens for adults & children: immediate and further reductions over time
  • The new approach will drive further improvements through the deployment of objectivized annual business plans
  • Vendor managed inventory linked to commitments a viable solution to respond to stock-outs across Global Fund portfolio
  • Delivers Global Fund’s Market Shaping Strategy through underpinning long term sustainability both at a product and market level.
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