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Drug regulatory database.

13 ноября, 2016


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  • Promote access to life saving medicines and informed the WHO guideline Process;
  • Work with all concerned parties to remove or minimize obstacles for medicines entering the market and facilitate their uptake;
  • Provide partners and players in the field of SCM with reliable data to inform their decision making process.


  • Limited access to information on ARV marketing authorizations by countries;
  • Inform stakeholders and WHO management team in their process of making strategic decision and advocacy;
  • Inform the guideline committee on the status of drug that are/will be included in the guideline;
  • Inform/made available to state and non state procurement officers, donation programmes, countries using the GFATM grant (options A and B) on medicines registered in their respective country;
  • Facilitate the procurement of this drugs;
  • Understand some of the market drivers and procurement behavior.
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