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Vladimir Mayanovskiy: EECA CAB will focus on developing a consolidated position about ART in the region

October 23, 2018

Monitoring of ARV prices will improve community advocacy interaction with government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and global donors.

EECA remains one of the most vulnerable regions in the world in terms of prevalence and mortality of HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C. It is the only region in the world where the number of new HIV infections and AIDS deaths continues to increase rapidly. The coverage of ART is extremely low; it is estimated that only 25% of people need to be treated for HIV receive the therapy.

Владимир Мачновский

Vladimir Mayanovskiy

Vladimir Mayanovskiy, a member of the EECA CAB Secretariat, told us, how EECA Community Advisory Board (CAB) monitors the situation on the ART market at the #Partnership Forum held these days in Kyiv.

“The main goal of our activity is to improve access to treatment of HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis by the community of EECA countries”, he emphasized. “We are going to establish a regional resource hub to increase the EECA community capacity on the matters of access to treatment. We also will represent the interests of the patient community of the region at the global level.

The key functions of EECA CAB are to facilitate a direct dialogue at the regional level between the patient community, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry offices and regulatory bodies to ensure the necessary access to treatment in the region. Also, the actions of EECA CAB are focused on increasing the role of the patient community in pricing processes and improving procurement mechanisms in the countries of the region, as well as processes related to conducting clinical trials”.

In the near future, the EECA CAB will publish a three-year study on the prices of antiretroviral drugs, where dynamics of changes over the analyzed period and the reasons for such changes will be shown. Subsequent work will focus on building up a consolidated position regarding increased coverage of therapy.

“First of all, this concerns the policy of companies to improve access to drugs with a focus on registration status, prices, volumes, license agreement, quality control measures”, Vladimir Mayanovskiy said. “This position will be adjusted on an ongoing basis, taking into account the changing context. I hope that all platforms that work towards achieving common goals will consolidate their position and promote it”.

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