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Ukrainian artists created a project dedicated to HIV-positive people

December 05, 2017

On December 1, an exhibition “B Positive” was opened in the America House Gallery in Kyiv within the social and cultural campaign for the World AIDS Day aimed to overcome public stereotypes towards people living with HIV.

More than seventy young Ukrainian artists applied to the open contest, upon which seven authors were selected by a reputable jury panel. Yuliya Belyaeva, Gleb Mukha, Mariya Rakhimova, Yevgeniy Shalenik, Yevgeniya Rudenko, Lera Litvinova and Vitaliy Svyatets presented their installations and projects on HIV/ AIDS at the “B Positive” exhibition. According to the decision of the organization committee, the works “Overcoming” by Yevgeniy Shalenik and “Isolated” by Yuliya Belyaeva were awarded the victory, and the artists had the opportunity to hold their personal exhibitions in the America House Gallery.

For me, as the project curator, it was important not only to present the problem, but also show the way to its solution. Expressing the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine in their works of art, the artists urge the viewer to think, to realize the problem and to be tolerant. I believe such artistic initiatives provide a chance to change the world“, says the America House Gallery curator Alina Komissar.

The volunteers of Small Heart with Art organization in cooperation with the America House and the East Europe and Central Asia Union of People Living with HIV launched the Positive Life campaign, which included an art project and a civil society organizations fair.

We are not the first to initiate or support art projects that highlight the problems of people living with HIV, because culture is the ideal instrument of public communication, which facilitates that all parties of any discussion are heard and understood. For the community of people living with HIV, it is extremely important to be understood and accepted by the whole society. This is how it is possible to overcome the stigma and discrimination of PLWH, which, unfortunately, still exists in Ukrainian society. As public opinion leaders, artists, journalists and politicians advocate for the rights of people living with HIV, stereotypes are fading, and citizens’ attitude towards PLWH is changing. We will always support such projects“, says Vladimir Zhovtyak, President of the East Europe and Central Asia Union of People Living with HIV.

The exhibition “B Positive” will be presented at the America House from December 1 to 20. Admission is free, visitors need to carry a passport or driver’s license.

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