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“After eight years as an informal regional advocacy network, the TB Europe Coalition is proud to inform you that it has just become a legal entity, registered in the Netherlands. This now makes it possible for TB Europe Coalition to access grants and step up advocacy capacity building and regional support to country-led TB advocacy initiatives.

From the very beginning in 2009, we wanted to grow a TB civil society and advocacy movement across the wider European region. This was made possible through years of voluntary efforts from organisations and individuals who believed in our common mission: having civil society drive the TB response. But also with all your help, as members, partner organisations and institutions who believed in our work.

We decided to become an official entity because this will help us achieve our ambitions.

We believe the role civil society plays in the fight against TB can truly be a game changer. Thinking out of the box, coming up with innovative solutions, bringing people together but most importantly working for and with people who are affected by TB, will remain our core raison d’être.

Having a legal status is by no means an achievement in itself but the beginning of a new chapter, where TBEC, with the confidence of its members, donors and partners, is reaffirming its determination to bring civil society together to fight TB in a more sustainable way.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in 2018″

More about TB Europe Coalition: www.tbcoalition.eu

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