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Tatiana Davletgaliyeva, GF Coordinator in Kazakhstan: the problem lies not in the government, but in the NGOs themselves (video)

October 24, 2018

Since 2009, the Republic of Kazakhstan has been providing free antiretroviral therapy to all PLWH entirely at the expense of the republican budget. The next stage is HIV prevention and implementation of a social contracting, carried out in coordination with NGOs.

Tatyana Davletgaliyeva, the National HIV Coordinator of the Global Fund in the Republic of Kazakhstan, told about this in the MinusVirus interactive studio on #Partnership Forum.

“A number of prevention activities are carried out at the expense of the republican budget”, she emphasized. “If we talk about donors, the Global Fund has made a great contribution to development, but our country understands that donors will leave, and the country will have to independently implement prevention programs. From year to year, the state budget funding is provided in full and is growing”.

It should be noted that, starting this year, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has practically discontinued funding of prevention programs, and has re-oriented its activities towards improving the social contracting mechanism.

“The topic of social contracting is not new for Kazakhstan, funding has been allocated for a long time”, Tatyana Davletgaliyeva noted. “However, AIDS-service organizations did not participate in competitions. When analyzing the situation, we see that the problem is not in the government, but in non-governmental organizations. Therefore, now our role is to show AIDS service organizations that they are able and have all the powers and capacity to win an award and implement a social order. We are working to ensure that NGOs can implement prevention, and the government is open to cooperation. The President signed the law on NGOs, where a whole section is devoted to the social contracting, where positive amendments and comments have been made that will help NGOs to fulfill their potential and find their niche”.

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