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OSF published the report with the participation of SWAN members

November 10, 2016

Open Society Foundations have examined sex worker-led programs that protect health and rights and have published a detailed and thoughtful report. The report describes programs in 5 countries: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa. SWAN members from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization «LEGALIFE-UKRAINE» and Tais Plus, took part in the report.


A sex worker Yulia was one of the first who took a public stance against police abuse in August 2008, that ended-up costing her life. It started with her refusal to pay bribes to the police, followed by the police, according to her own report later in that day in a bar, raping her, and hours later she has jumped from a bridge ending her own life. The police investigation concluded that she committed suicide, however the local community believes that she was driven to suicide by the police.

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