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Gilead is running some very serious clinical trials to find a new method to CURE HIV. This is really interesting!

You know that people have learned to manage the active virus, ARV-therapy tackles the problem efficiently and the viral load drops to zero. But the most important thing is that doctors cannot cope with the dormant HIV virus reservoirs. The scientists are unable to cleanse them so far. You may remember, there was some method trying to increase blood temperature, to develop a vaccine, but all these were futile.
Let me explain what a new treatment method is. Doctors will administer special medications to the patients in order to activate the virus in the reservoirs. They expect to create medications that will catalyze the virus and cause a rapid activation of the virus and activation of the reservoirs. After this, when the virus is awakened, simple anti-AIDS drugs will be administered to kill the virus, in this case curing the person completely. This is a very interesting way, I’m sure it was originally invented not by Gilead, but by some small lab somewhere in California or Seoul. However, the method itself is very logical, the main thing was to figure out how to wake the virus, it’s almost real now.
I cannot say how long will the research last. I do not know how many medications will be developed. I do not know if this method will work 100%, but this is the most realistic way I’ve heard lately. All the research that was showcased in the tabloids turned out to be a fake, but this news is the firsthand information from Gilead, a top pharmaceutical company globally.

Generally, many years ago, I talked to Dr. Fauci in Barcelona, one of the most prominent scientists, and I remember him saying that the vaccine is unlikely to be created in the next few decades. After all, 15 years have passed since that day, and the medical sciences have advanced a lot, so maybe sometimes in my life I’ll be able to defeat the virus, which, by the way, changed me to the better, as I learned to appreciate human life and health. I wish all of us that the vaccine against HIV will appear promptly.


The April EuroCAB meeting was very rewarding, generally all meetings with pharmaceutical companies are always interesting, because we can get to know about the latest developments in the ARV medicines production. New, more gently-acting combinations with few side effects appear. For example, Gilead promises to come up soon with a reverse transcriptase inhibitor, which appears to maintain its concentration in the blood for several months. Imagine how greatly such a remedy can change the state of affairs? People will not need to take pills every day, and soon we will move on to the gentler and less toxic advanced class medications.
Merck is also finalizing a new good medicine, namely, Doravirin, a drug of the same NNRTI class as efavirenz and nevirapine, which, as we all know, are not very suitable for us, OST patients. As it turned out, all drugs of this class eliminate methadone, and their impact is very serious, with 40 to 80% of methadone dose becoming ineffective if administered together with them. As it turns out, Doravirin will not interact with methadone, that’s for sure. Therefore, we will soon have another medication at our hands, which can be taken by the OST program patients.

But the most discouraging thing is that such issues as compatibility with OST medications, not to mention interaction with street drugs, are studied at the very minimal standards. The drug interaction study results are not obtained before marketing authorization, these data become available much later.
That is, the drug is prescribed to people and only then additional data collection begins.
In general, considerable efforts are being taken globally to improve the quality of life of patients, and those new medications that are being manufactured now and will be launched in subsequent years are expected to have minimized side effects for patients.
Much attention is paid to severe side effects that may cause serious consequences. For example, the negative impact of medicines on human organs and their effects on certain functions of the body are studied very thoroughly.

Otherwise, such meetings with pharmaceutical companies are also held in Russian, some of them are supported by ITPC.RU, others – by the ECUO. Although, I do not understand the purpose of such meetings, do we need them to negotiate with the pharmaceutical giants on cheap prices for ARVs? This is a lie, there is a special procurement mechanism called PSFCM, established by the Global Fund and entailing the lowest prices for this customer; by the way, Georgia procures ARV medications through it and avoids a lot of problems. There are no suspicions from the community, all invoices and prices quotations are publicly accessible, so that nobody can cheat on these procurements. The situation when the country had been procuring drugs through this channel, and then decides to opt for cheaper offers is the most alarming – it’s a lie, PSFCM generally ensures the lowest prices and all the attempts to find cheaper offers are a waste of time and money. Of course, if a country establishes the National Agency for the essential medicines procurement, then it can take over such a function, but while there is no such agency, it is better to use the already available arrangements.

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