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HIV-positive women in Bashkortostan gave birth to 318 children this year

November 07, 2017

Overall, 445 pregnant women with a positive HIV status were registered in the republic.

The data is provided by the Republican Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases.

The experts of the center explain that in order to prevent infecting a child, the expecting mothers should be observed by doctors, undergo a course of pharmacoprevention during pregnancy and in labor, and also receive pharmacoprevention of HIV for infants.

This year in Bashkortostan 2,359 new cases of HIV infection were detected, including 1 489 men (63,1%), and 870 women (35,9%). Over the entire observation period, since 1987, more than 28,000 HIV cases have been detected.

The HIV infection rate in the republic is 491.5 per 100,000 of population. This indicator is lower than in the country as a whole, as the overall indicator in Russia is 618.8. The rate of men’s exposure is 648.4 per 100, 000 of population, women – 380.6 per 100.000 of population. In Ufa, the incidence rate is 559 per 100,000 of population, which is 6 295 people, the organization reported.

During the nine months of 2017 the prevalent age group among HIV-positive persons were people aged 31 to 40 – 48.7%. Compared to last year, the incidence rate of HIV infection has increased among the populations aged 18-30 (2.5%), 41-50 (by 13.1%) and 51-60 (by 16.3%), and decreased in the age group of 31-40 (by 3.9%). The data were based on the information provided by the Municipal Administration.

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