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Standard of Care for HIV and Coinfections in Europe

November 06, 2018

The meeting is a one-and-a-half day meeting with plenaries and workshops.

Information on the current European situation shared during the meeting will constitute the basis to elaborate a common platform for European standard of care, which is currently lacking. This project involves not only clinicians but also individuals living with HIV, community representatives, such as EATG, and public health institutional partners, such as European Commission, ECDC, WHO, UNAIDS, and HIV in Europe.

Another important aspect of the meeting is that it also includes non-EU countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

It has a practical approach in order to give a large part to discussions with the scope to establish common indicators which could be used in the future to measure the progress made in three main topics:

  • Barriers to HIV, HCV testing, diagnosis and treatment in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Late presentation
  • Tuberculosis – Diagnostic and treatment challenges

In order to ensure interaction, the number of participants is limited to maximum a hundred and is on invitation only.

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