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ECUO announces amendments in the Charter and changes of management bodies

January 22, 2018

nternational Charitable Organization “East Europe and Central Asia Union of People Living with HIV” (ECUO), at the General Meeting of the members on December 17-18, 2017, approved the decision on amending its Charter to reflect the current conditions and challenges.

The Working Group was established to address this matter, which had been developing the necessary amendments to the Charter for a month. Upon completing its assignment, the Group formulated appropriate recommendations and forwarded them to the Organization members. Then the proposed amendments were reviewed and approved at the General Meeting of the ECUO members, and on January 17, 2018, a new version of the Charter was adopted.

The principal improvements of the Charter involved the ECUO management bodies – the Executive Board and the Executive Director now supplement the functions of the Organization’s executive body, acting in a collegial manner. This will contribute to even greater transparency and democratic processes in the Organization activities. Information on amendments to the Charter and changes of management bodies will soon be published on the organization website – ecuo.org

The General Meeting of ECUO expressed the belief that strengthening the principle of collegiality would allow a more efficient implementation of the Mission on ensuring quality of life of people living with HIV through the mobilization, support and development of PLWH communities in the EECA countries, as well as facilitate engagement of partners to fulfill the mission. Timely diagnostics and effective operation of EECA countries health systems, which should be patient-oriented, remain the key priorities for the Organization.

ECUO is constantly working to improve transparency and democratic processes and procedures in the Organization, its adherence to the principles of legality, publicity, voluntariness, self-government, humanism, common interests and equal rights of participants.

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