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ARV shortage in Bashkortostan: the “personalized” pill kits are being distributed

May 19, 2018

If you write complaints to Moscow, then antiretroviral therapy in Bashkortostan becomes available and targeted. This is reported by the Patient Control.

The organization was approached by a patient who, instead of atazanavir, was offered a drug that had been previously canceled due to undesirable events. Young woman was unable to take the proposed therapy because of side effects. “The doctor said that I will have to drink only one drug from the regimen until medications are brought to the region”, the activists quote the patient’s words.

When she sought advice from the “Patient Control”, a complaint was made to the Republican Ministry of Health, which turned out to be useless, and a letter was sent to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Only after the appeal to Moscow the situation changed. Nobody officially confirmed the fact of interruptions with ARVT in the republic, but the woman received targeted help.

Photo: “Patient Control”

In view of the fact that there is simply no atazanavir in the republic, the treatment regimen was changed and etravirine, also a scarce drug, was prescribed. After a monthly regimen, the patient was given drugs immediately for three months in a signed, personalized package.

“According to the patient, there was no such individual approach before, and the doctor said that the tablets were specially signed to be handed in personally to prevent giving valuable drugs to someone else”, they say in the Patient Control.

As reported by MinusVirus, therapy shortages are observed in the regions of the Russian Federation on a regular basis. Last week it became known that in the city of Zarechnyi, Sverdlovsk region, ARVT will not be available until June.

The topic of lack of medicines for patients with HIV has been emerging for the second year in a row. At the end of April 2018 activists of the “Patient Control” movement picketed the speech of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the international forum on HIV/AIDS in Moscow, standing in the hall with the poster “Stop interruptions!”.

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