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10 HIV-infected residents of Mangistau (Kazakhstan) refused to take treatment

May 04, 2018

Since the beginning of the year, 12 cases of HIV infection have been registered in the city.

According to the acting Director of the regional AIDS center Almabek Bisen, 129 out of 144 people registered with Mangistau AIDS Center need treatment. However, 10 of them simply refused from treatment.

“To date, 10 people have different contraindications to medical treatment, 10 people rejected treatment, thus, 109 people receive therapy”, he said. – “Among those who refused, there are former prisoners, people who use drugs, ordinary citizens. One of them, a family man, refused treatment for religious reasons. Those who reject treatment, eventually have their immune system weakened, within five to ten years their disease progresses to the AIDS stage. So far, there have been no such cases in the region”.

The building of the regional AIDS Center.  Photo: Gulmira Sadyrova, lada.kz

The majority of PLWH, according to Almabek Bisen, live in Aktau and the Munayli district. No cases have been registered in the past five years in the Mangistau district.

“The incidence rate in the region is also growing due to labor migrants. In the past year, 16 cases have been detected. Of the total number of those who arrive in search of work, only 12 per cent had been screened. This year, two citizens of Uzbekistan were tested positive in the pre-trial detention center. HIV infection was found in a woman in the hospital, who registered using someone else’s passport”, Almabek Bisen said.

According to statistics provided by the Center, the Mangistau region is among the areas with a low HIV incidence.

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