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Invest in HIV prevention.

16 ноября, 2016


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Today’s decision-makers have to make tough investment choices. What is the right level of investment? What is a fair share for HIV prevention? Where resources should be directed? Who should benefit? What is working and what is not? Should we focus on a single solution, and if yes, what is it?

Global investments for the AIDS response need to increase from US$ 21.7 billion in 2014 to more than US$ 32 billion in 2020. Of that amount, a quarter should be invested in effective and proven HIV prevention services. For some, that amount may seem to be too little; for others, it may seem too high. In either case, Quarter for HIV Prevention starts a long overdue conversation on rights, choices and investments for HIV prevention.

Its most immediate ask is for countries to examine their HIV prevention investment portfolio. Quarter for HIV Prevention creates a dedicated space where HIV prevention priorities can be examined, national and local commitment to ending the epidemic can be renewed, dedicated prevention strategies can be developed, ambitious targets can be set and complex combination prevention programmes can effectively be managed. Each national capital, district and municipality in key locations needs to start a conversation on their approach to HIV prevention.

The dialogue begins with understanding the prevention needs of every population in every location—in cities, districts and schools, in places where sex work and drug use take place, and where gay men and other men who have sex with men network—and it occurs with a single focus: how to stop the next HIV infection.

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