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An analysis of 48 national HIV testing and counselling policies.

14 ноября, 2016


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National HIV testing guidelines are critical to the success and expansion of HIV testing services. This report sought to analyse national HIV testing policies in WHO focal countries.
The focus of this review was two-fold:
1) To determine whether national HIV testing policies permit lay providers and nurses (working in community settings) to perform HIV rapid diagnostic testing and counselling services in their countries and;
2) Whether the national HIV testing strategies (outlined in HIV testing policies) aligned with WHO recommendations.

HIV testing services (HTS) are the gateway to prevention, care and treatment of those with HIV. Despite achievements in the scale-up and expansion of HTS over the past three decades, it is estimated that only 45% of people with HIV are aware of their serostatus. Furthermore, there are two million new infections annually, of which nearly half are among key populations. In order to continue to effectively and efficiently expand HTS, the service should focus on reaching people with HIV who are undiagnosed and those who are HIV negative with an ongoing HIV risk who could
benefit from prevention services.

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