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UNDP NGO factsheet Ukraine.

November 16, 2016


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Ukraine has a concentrated HIV epidemic, with 137,390 officially registered people living with HIV, which is 62% of the estimated number of people living with HIV in the country. In 2014, 66,409 people living with HIV were receiving antiretroviral therapy (coverage of 30% of the estimated number of people living with HIV and 48% of the registered people living with HIV). More than 60% of HIV infections in recent years occurred through sexual transmission. HIV prevalence among all key populations remains very high. There are significant gender (in 2013, 40% of men living with HIV and 10% of women living with HIV were people who inject drugs) and sub-regional differences (HIV prevalence among men having sex with men in Donetsk was about 15% while Chernihiv and Rivne reported below 1%, and it was 35% among people who inject drugs in Mykolaiv compared to less than 2% in Uzhgorod).

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