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Training manual for studying the toolkit “Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Men Who Have Sex with Men” (MSMIT)

October 23, 2017

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Goal of the Training Manual
The manual is aimed at trainers who will lead trainings to introduce the MSM Implementation Toolkit (MSMIT). The goal of the manual is to provide guidance on the structure, organization and contents of short-term (two-day) workshops to introduce MSMIT.

Objectives of the Training Manual
• Offer trainers a system for consistent rendering of the topics contained in the Toolkit
• Suggest to trainers which topics and issues they should focus on to encourage further independent study of MSMIT by workshop participants
• Help trainers to define and present practical usability of the Toolkit at different levels and in various areas related to MSM and LGBT
• Suggest techniques to modify the training programme depending on the level of competence, needs and number of participants Development of the Training Manual The Training Manual was developed by ECOM consultants Daniyar (Erlan) Orsekov (Kyrgyzstan) and Denis Kamaldinov (Russia), based on their experience leading two workshops to introduce MSMIT to participants from the EECA countries (Kyrgyzstan, 2016).

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