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HIV data. Monitoring implementation of the Dublin Declaration on partnership to fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia – 2014 progress report

November 13, 2016


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What are the concerns about HIV data?
Good data are essential for effective public health planning and action. Lack of critical HIV data weakens the ability of countries across the region to plan, implement and monitor their responses to the epidemic. Three strategic areas are particularly problematic:
• State of the epidemic (e.g. HIV incidence, HIV prevalence, co-infections)
• State of the response (e.g. testing uptake, late diagnosis, treatment access, adequacy and tracking of funding, efficacy of interventions)
• Key populations (e.g. demographics, risk behaviours, factors that influence risk and uptake of services, subpopulations at increased risk, overlapping risk behaviours)
With HIV and health budgets under pressure and an increasing focus on evidencebased decision-making, high-quality data on these aspects of the HIV situation are essential.

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