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UNDP NGO factsheet Moldova.

16 ноября, 2016


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Moldova has a concentrated HIV epidemic, with 6,891 people living with HIV officially registered (about 39% of the estimated number) and 3,116 of them receiving antiretroviral therapy (coverage 18% of the estimated and 45% of the registered number of people living with HIV). More than 80% of new HIV infections in 2014 were caused by sexual transmission. HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs (PWID), sex workers (SW) and men who have sex with men (MSM) is above 5%. The interpretation of prevalence trends is limited due to methodological reasons. There are significant gender (e.g. 21% of the estimated number of females living with HIV have been enrolled in treatment, compared with 15% of the estimated number of males living with HIV) and sub-national differences in HIV prevalence (e.g. 41% among people who inject drugs and 21% among sex workers in Balti compared with 8% and 11% respectively in Chisinau).

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