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PrEP Access in Europe 2017. PrEP in Europe Initiative (PEI)

06 февраля, 2018


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About the PrEP in Europe Initiative
The PrEP in Europe Initiative (PEI) is a new initiative, a coalition of European organisations and activists concerned with HIV prevention and specifically with ensuring access to PrEP (preexposure prophylaxis) among people at high risk of HIV. Our mission is threefold: to disseminate up-to-date information on PrEP access in Europe; to influence policymakers and health funders to adopt PrEP in their countries; and to support organisations, groups and individuals advocating for PrEP in their own countries and communities. It is run by a steering committee of pan-European advocacy organisations including AVAC, NAM/aidsmap, EATG, AIDS Action Europe, the National AIDS Trust and AIDES.

This report seeks to provide a snapshot of PrEP access and uptake across the European region based on what HIV organisations and community networks have witnessed so far. PEI retrieved this information about PrEP access by putting out a call to all members of EATG, a network with reach across all 53 countries in the European region. The report begins with a review of the clinical trials and demonstration projects conducted in Europe to date, and information about those that are planned. It then walks through the guidelines on PrEP that have been published so far for the region as a whole and in individual countries and the process by which PrEP is approved and introduced at the national level. The second half of the report presents the information we have so far on PrEP uptake and use across the European region. This is based on anonymous input received so far from individuals based in 30 countries, including 24 of the 28 member states of the European Union (including the UK).

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