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Integrating collaborative TB and HIV services within a comprehensive package of care for people who inject drugs.

14 ноября, 2016


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People who inject drugs (PWID) are at increased risk of tuberculosis (TB). HIV further increases the risk of developing TB, with TB being a leading cause of mortality among PWID who live with HIV. Much of the evidence relates to TB among PWID; however, people who use drugs (PWUD) who do not inject have also been found to have increased rates of TB. Although less than 1% of the world’s population is estimated to inject drugs, PWID account for a disproportionate 5–10% of all people living with HIV. PWID have the highest risk of hepatitis C infection, with an estimated global prevalence of 67%; there is also an overall prevalence of hepatitis B in PWID of about 8%

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