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HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2017

14 ноября, 2017


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In 2016, 29444 people were diagnosed with HIV in the 31 countries of the EU/EEA, with a rate of 5.9 per 100000 when adjusted for reporting delay (Table  1; Annex  6). Countries with the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses reported in 2016 were Latvia (18.5; 365 cases), Estonia (17.4; 229 cases), and Malta (14.5; 63 cases). The lowest rates were reported by Slovakia (1.6; 87 cases) and Hungary (2.3; 228 cases).

The rate of new HIV diagnoses was higher among men (8.9 per 100000 population; Table  2), than women (2.6 per 100000 population; Table  3). The overall male-to-female ratio was 3.2. This ratio was highest in Slovenia (27.5), Croatia (17.2), Slovakia (11.4), and the Czech Republic (10.9) (Figure 1.1). The predominant mode of transmission in these countries was sex between men.

The highest crude age-specific rate of HIV diagnoses was observed among 25-to-29-year-olds (13.9 per 100000 population), with the rates for men peaking in this age group at 21.4 per 100000 population, while rates for women were highest in the 30–39-year-old age group (6.8 per 100000 population).

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