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Guide to monitoring and evaluation of advocacy, communication, and social mobilization to support tuberculosis prevention and care.

16 ноября, 2016


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The Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilization to Support Tuberculosis Prevention and Care was developed in response to this increased demand for broad-scope M&E of ACSM activities. While rigorous evaluation provides the best evidence to support scale-up of specific ACSM interventions, most ACSM programs lack adequate funding and staff capacity to conduct sophisticated impact evaluation. Meanwhile, there is an urgent need in the field for straightforward guidance on basic monitoring processes so programs can track their investments more effectively and link their immediate results to case detection and treatment outcomes.

The primary goal of this guide is to help ACSM programs at national and sub-national levels to strengthen routine M&E of ACSM activities. More specifically, this guide will help ACSM planners and implementers:
• Understand the concepts of M&E and how to effectively apply both to ACSM activities.
• Develop comprehensive M&E plans in parallel with ACSM intervention planning.
• Utilize a strategic and practical mix of M&E methods to design, implement, and assess the outcomes of ACSM activities.
• Systematically apply results of M&E to adapt and improve the performance of ACSM interventions.

This guide also serves as a companion resource to the five-day training curriculum developed by PATH called Monitoring and Evaluation of Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization Interventions to Support Tuberculosis Prevention and Care. This workshop is designed to build the capacity and skills of ACSM practitioners to develop practical M&E plans and to improve the quality of M&E of their ACSM interventions.

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