Страновой отчет для ССГАООН, 2011

Картирование программ лечения

Профиль страны по доступу к АРТ на 2012 год

Обследование и антиретровирусная терапия у взрослых и подростков 2012 (891,3 KБ)

HIV Programme Review in Armenia

AIDS Responce progress Report. Republic of Armenia Reporting period: January-December 2014

AIDS Responce progress Report. Republic of Armenia Reporting period: January-December 2015

AIDS Responce progress Report. Reporting period: January-December, 2015.

Armenia Report NCPI. 2013

Results deom the HIV biological and surveillance in the Republic of Armenia 2014

Combination HIV prevention among transgender individuals for three countries of the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia). September, 2013.

HIV epidemiological surveillance in the Republic of Armenia, 2014 Annual Report

Access to antiretroviral therapy and survival in eastern Europe and central Asia: a case study in Armenia

Optimizing HIV/AIDS resources in Armenia: increasing ART investment and examining HIV programmes for seasonal migrant labourers

Labor Migration and STI/HIV Risks in Armenia: Assessing Prevention Needs and Designing Effective Interventions Analytical Report

Tuberculosis profile

Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2010-2015 Between United Nations Population Fund And The Government of the Republic of Armenia

For Approval of the plan of actions for the National Strategy on Human Rights Protection

Standart of Organization of HIV prevention and treatment under the state guaranteed free of Charge medicak care and services

National Strategic Plan on the Response to HIV Epidemic in the Respublic of Armenia for 2007-2011.

Identifying the gaps: armenian health care legislation and human rights in patient care protections. Violeta Zopunyan, Suren Krmoyan, Ryan Quinn.

Standart Concept Note Investing for impact against HIV, tuberculosis or malaria. Global Fund

ARM-H-2015 - Concept Note Integrated View

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