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The Patient Dialogue action will be held in Kyrgyzstan

May 22, 2018

On May 24, the Patient Dialogue action will be held in Bishkek to commemorate the World Remembrance Day of the AIDS Victims.

The action will be initiated and organized by the Association of Legal Entities “Association of the Country Network of People Living with HIV”.

“Every year in May, we held a memorial event, when we remembered friends, acquaintances and loved ones whose lives were claimed by AIDS. And while planning the action this year, we discussed the results of the events of the last years, talked a lot about different options of holding them, discussed and understood that we remember our close people all the time. And the best memory for them will be to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV today. And this year we decided to do everything differently in order to obtain results that were not previously available. The main areas of our work are advocacy of access to HIV/AIDS treatment, reduction of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and key populations in Kyrgyzstan. And this year we decided to hold an action aimed at medical staff of those state and non-governmental institutions where the services for PLWH and KAP are often provided inadequately. And the symbolism of Memorial Day in May contributes to the importance of their responsible work, because the quality of the PLWH life depends on them”, said Yevgeniya Kalenichenko, Executive Director of the Association of the Country Network of People Living with HIV and representative of ECUO in Kyrgyzstan.

The idea of the Patient Dialogue action by HIV activists and patients was to communicate open-facedly with medical personnel from various institutions on the urgent topics of HIV/AIDS. The issues of stigma and discrimination, adherence and HIV-dissidence were the essential points for discussion. It is planned to organize an open platform for dialogue between the doctor and the patient with the opportunity to ask a more personal question and to consider situations from different perspectives, both from the doctor’s and the patient’s point of view.

The organizers of the action expect that this way it will be possible to resolve many issues related to the interaction of the target groups of the event, a health worker and a patient, which create barriers to access to HIV/AIDS treatment. These are questions about the transmission of HIV infection, the importance of adherence to treatment and, first and foremost, the importance of tolerant attitude, as a very significant barrier to access to treatment in Kyrgyzstan.

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