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Seven Country Teams of Sex Workers Trained on Community Empowerment

July 14, 2016

A regional training on the SWIT (Sex Worker Implementation Tool) took place in Budapest on 21-25 June 2016. Teams from 7 countries attended the training: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia. Among them were female, male and transgender sex workers.

The training was facilitated by ICRSE representatives Luca Stevenson and Anastacia Ryan and by SWAN Programme Officer Roxana Vasi.

The topics of the training were community empowerment, sex work and the laws, violence, sex worker-led community services, condom programming, community-led clinical services, programme management, and organisational capacity building.

Georgian participants were concerned with discrimination from medical staff, and explained to the group that violence from the police is rare.

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