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1 In 50 people in Russia’s 4th-largest city living with HIV, health official says

November 05, 2016

Associated Press: Official: Fourth-largest city in Russia has HIV epidemic

“Russian health officials say one in 50 people in the country’s fourth-largest city is carrying [HIV] as Russia struggles to deal with a rapidly rising number of infections. The central Russian city of Yekaterinburg suffers from an HIV epidemic, regional Deputy Health Minister Tatiana Savinova said, according to a statement widely reported Wednesday by Russian media. The city of 1.5 million people has 27,000 residents, or 1.8 percent of the population, carrying the virus, she said…” (Amos, 11/2).

RT News: HIV ‘epidemic’: Official says nearly every 50th resident of Russian Urals city infected

“…On the other hand, the Sverdlovsk region also has more people tested for HIV — over 23 percent of the population — while in other regions only 15 people are generally tested, according to Savinova. The infection is ‘getting older,’ with many people infected now 30-49 years old…” (11/2).

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